What Is Ready In 10?

Have you noticed that watching the news can be pretty scary?  

Especially lately.

Earthquakes in Japan, Haiti, Chile, California & New Zealand. Tornadoes, wildfires and before that, Hurricane Katrina, Rita and the Tsunami. It seems like wherever you turn, there's another catastrophe capturing your attention.  And since we help people prepare for disasters, every time a new one strikes, we start hearing from new customers who basically say the same thing.

"Every time I watch the news coverage, I picture my own family going through the disaster instead. My own kids with no roof over their heads. Everything I've worked so hard for, completely destroyed, and all we can do is wander the streets with we they have left -- the tattered clothes on our backs. If that ever happened to us," they say, "I don't know what we would do."

Sound familiar? And with so many disasters occurring in so many different places, those are great questions to be asking. 

We started asking the same questions a few years ago. The first time was when a jumbo jet crashed right across the street from our house.

Then there were tornadoes, the Whittier earthquake and a nightmarish medical tragedy that resulted in the death of our grandmother/mother.

After going though it ourselves so many times, we can tell you from experience that every disaster, emergency and close-call drives home the same crucial message.

Everyone, no matter who they are or where they live, needs to be ready to deal with unexpected disasters or emergencies, quickly and effectively.  

The question was, how? 

While watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we realized that the same tools we had created to improve safety for hospital patients all across America, could give families all over the world an innovative and effective new way to prepare for disasters.  It's called Ready In 10.

Ready In 10 isn't about stockpiling bottled water and storing emergency supplies.   Anyone can do that. The Ready In 10 Get Ready Kit is a quick, easy, 10 step kit you can complete in one afternoon. It's designed to help families get the vital information and items they need, keepsakes they treasure and people they love, through nearly any disaster, with the information they need in tact, so they can get back to living their normal lives, as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The difference between Surviving and Thriving, is Ready In 10.

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The Ready In 10 System by Laura & Janet Greenwald   $19.95

This 62 pg. Workbook & System includes :

  • Grab it and Go Forms. Wallet Cards, Emergency Action Plan, Home Inventory and Get Back To Life Plan right in the book, so you can fill them in and toss them into your emergency bin for safekeeping and easy access.  
  • The Quick Start Guide
  • "Don't Lose All Your Stuff In A Hurricane" ($19.99 value) & Turn Your iPhone into a Mobile Command Center, 
  • A link to the downloadable version of Grab it and Go Forms and Wallet Cards for each member of your family PLUS your Emergency Action Plan, Home Inventory and Get Back To Life Plan, so you can save your plans and information to your hard drive, flash drive, or have them available remotely for easy access in any emergency.

Purchase The Ready In 10 System Print Edition for $19.95    

NOTE: When you receive your book, in the first few pages, you'll find a link where you can go and immediately download all of the forms, plans and extras that come free with this book. 



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