There are many reasons you became a health care professional.   

Feeling helpless isnít one of them.     

But when youíre looking down at a critically injured trauma patient and the only thing that will save his life is the medical history you donít have, helpless is exactly what you feel.   

Or when youíre working desperately to find a dying patientís family before itís too late for them to say goodbye.  Again, helpless.   

But it doesnít have to be that way.  What if you could eliminate that helpless feeling?    

What if you could locate your patientís next of kin and medical history quickly and easily?   

What if there was as a simple plan you could use to reduce liability and increase patient safety in Seven Steps?  

What if you could seamlessly implement the process in your facility in 90 days or less?    

Now you can.  Introducing Notify In 7.

Notify In 7 is filled with tools your staff can use to facilitate next of kin notification, patient identification and communication, as well as everything you need to roll out the Seven Steps System facility-wide. 


In Notify in 7, youíll receive the background and tools your facility needs to locate an unconscious patientís emergency contact information, perform next of kin notifications and obtain informed consent, quickly and easily.  With concise, easy to follow benchmarks, the program has everything that hospitals need to train trauma team members to perform next of kin notifications quickly and easily in every situation.  


The book  also includes downloadable patient tracking workflows, tools and six-sigma based training materials, based on the Seven Steps System.  It even includes tutorials on how to locate your patient's ICE Contacts on the most stubborn smartphones.  


Notify In 7 will provide your Emergency Department staff, managers and Risk Management professionals with comprehensive training, while giving you and your hospital a fully operational Next of Kin Notification System in just 90 days.  


And it's now available for a limited time at $29.95.  Discounts available on bulk purchases of 100 copies or more.  See bottom of page for more details.


Why Is Notify In 7 So Important?

Every hospital knows that timely next of kin notification is vital Ė especially when your patient is a victim of sudden illness or trauma and is lying in your emergency department unconscious or worse, unidentified. 

Not only is it important to have a family member present to comfort the patient, but to have them on site to make informed treatment decisions and to provide the medical history that often means the difference between life and death.

But when that call is delayed, lives are at stake, patient satisfaction is compromised and the hospital opens itself up to unnecessary liability.   

The only next of kin notification training system for hospitals, Notify In 7 was specially created to promote patient health, safety and satisfaction, while helping hospitals reduce legal and malpractice liability.

Once youíre familiar with the Seven Steps System, youíll use the Six-Sigma based Training Manual to rollout the Notification Program to your own facility.   With Notify In 7 youíll receive Patient Tracking Worksheets to track an unconscious patient's progress through the notification process, giving staff members the real time data they need at every stage, as well as a documented legal record of the steps that have been taken.  It also includes program documentation, work flows, training tools and everything you need to create your very own Notification Program.   

Itís quick, itís easy and you can be up and running within 90 days!

Get your copy today, start implementing the process and in 90 days you and your staff will have the tools they need to locate and use that critically injured trauma patient's medical history to save his life.  And you won't have to work desperately to find a critically ill or injured patientís family.  Now you'll have the tools you need to find them and reunite them with your patient quickly and easily.  

And that helpless feeling?  That will only be a memory.     

Purchase Copies of Notify In 7 for your staff now, for the introductory price of just  $29.95 per copy.  For discounts on orders of 100 copies or more, email us and we'll take care of your order.  


 $29.95  For A Limited Time Only


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  • Learn how to make a HIPAA/family friendly notification call 

  • Learn how to locate difficult to find emergency contacts 

  • Learn how to identify John/Jane Does 

  • Quickly locate your patientís critical medical history 

  • Patient Tracking Sheet/Chart Pages provide documented proof of when/how notification was made

  • Customizable staff notification work flows to fit your facility

  • Easy to read, easy to use downloadable electronic guides/tools

  • Easily meet your stateís NOK notification requirements

  • Systemize, streamline or create your NOK process in 90 Days

What Is Included In Notify In 7?

  • Seven Steps System Training
  • Customizable Patient Tracking Worksheets
  • Step By Step Guide to Creating your own NOK Notification Program and Pilot Rollout
  • Shortcut Sheets on Locating Your Patient's ICE Contacts on the Most Stubborn Smartphones
  • Notification Program Workbook to track your progress, metrics and results
  • Notification Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Modules for dealing with John Does, Children, Alzheimerís patients and the homeless, by industry professionals.
  • Customizable Work Flows, reference and adoption tools designed to be used in the ED and patient care floor.



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