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Lifeline Tools  

ADT Pulse

Cool Factor:  In case of an emergency at your home, ADT Pulse actually calls you on your mobile phone to tell you that something is awry.  And, during the Joplin tornado, having an ADP Pulse system actually saved an entire neighborhood! 

Home security system that comes with a panic button and a system that you can access and use via app when you are away from home. It's Not Just Security. It's Peace of Mind.  From almost anywhere, you can have the power to arm and disarm your home's security system. But ADT Pulse is more than just remote security — it's home automation, climate and light control, and video. And it's affordable, customizable and easy to use.

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Car Locator App

Cool Factor:  Developer Edward Kim created this app for Android to help users locate their car, but it can also be used to pinpoint or mark locations during disasters to help keep family members together.

Setting Car Locator to remember your car's spot is easy. When you park your car, just open the app (or use the handy widget straight from your home screen). You'll see your current location on Google Maps, along with a cool-looking radar display that signifies your car with a red dot. Just double-tap the location of your car on the map (or simply shake your phone) and Car Locator will remember where it is.  When you want to find your car again, just open the app and follow the cues. Choose between a map screen, which shows your progress on Google Maps as you get closer to your car, or a radar screen, which puts your car's location in a simple visual graph to help you orient as you get closer. Along with the visual help, Car Locator features a "sonar" function that emits a beeping sound: The closer you get to your car, the faster it beeps.

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DRY-ALL Wet Cellular Phone Emergency Kit for Mobile Devices

Cool Factor:  If you or your family tends to drop cell phones or tablets into the drink, this kit will dry them out and in most cases make them good as new.

Originally used for keeping safes dry and later hearing aids and cell phones.  DRY-ALL's unique drying technology will dry wet cell phones of any type.  If you have ever had a wet phone or other wet electronic item, DRY-ALL has a product to dry it out. DRY-ALL is First Aid for wet electronics!

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Cool Factor:  Okay we all know how great the iPad is, especially for people who love Apple products, but in a disaster, your iPad can be your link with the outside world.  From email to Facebook and FaceTime, to weather forecast and disaster apps, your iPad has everything you need to get you where you’re going and keep you safe. 

iPad is an iPhone on steroids with thousands of apps, to keep you entertained, in touch with your family, friends your documents and up to the moment information from all your favorite sources.

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Cool Factor: With locations nationwide, Lowes is the go-to place whether you’re doing disaster preparedness, or just getting yourself organized.  While you’re there, be sure to check out their hurricane preparedness guides.  Lowes knows what it’s doing, because with stores from tornado to earthquake country, they truly have been there. 

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Cool Factor:  More than just a navigation and emergency system for your car, OnStar and their fleet of customer assistance professionals go above and beyond to ensure that their subscribers are safe, even in the worst disasters.  In one instance they even dispatched a helicopter to pluck a subscriber off the roof of his car before it sank into a body of water!   

Built into more than 30 GM models, OnStar keeps you safely connected while in your vehicle. With OnStar, you'll enjoy services like Automatic Crash Response, Navigation, Roadside Assistance and Hands-Free Calling.  This year OnStar introduced FMV – For My Vehicle, that you can purchase to make any car an OnStar enabled vehicle.

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Spot Connect Satellite

Cool Factor:  Cell phones are always there when you need them – that is, as long as you stay within your service range.  But what if an emergency puts you out of your zone, or if cell towers go down?  Spot Connect Satellite turns your cell phone into a satellite phone, giving you coverage when and where you need it.  Pretty cool!

When you go beyond the reach of the grid, your smartphone needs the help of SPOT Connect to keep you in touch with friends, family, and emergency personnel. Simply pair your smartphone with SPOT Connect, and get connected to a global satellite network that lets you send messages and GPS coordinates from virtually anywhere on the planet. And in the case of a critical emergency, send an SOS message requesting emergency assistance.

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State Farm Bank

Cool Factor:  Unlike local or regional banks, Internet-based State Farm Bank gives you access to your money, ATM and online bill pay wherever you, whether you’re near home or in an evacuation location across the country. 

State Farm puts the service in full-service banking. Online, you can check your account and recent statements, enjoy free bill payment, transfer funds, order checks, and set up email alerts. From your mobile phone, you can access your account information using State Farm Pocket Agent.  You can even choose from free checking accounts, interest bearing or savings accounts.

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Toshiba Thrive Tablet

Cool Factor:  Toshiba Thrive is our favorite Android tablet for the non-Apple crowd.  In a disaster, your light, powerful, easy to use can be your link with the outside world.  From email to Facebook and Skype, to weather forecast and disaster apps, your Thrive has everything you need to get you where you’re going and keep you safe. 

Thrive is a smartphone on steroids with thousands of apps, to keep you entertained, in touch with your family, friends your documents and up to the moment information from all your favorite sources.

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Cool Factor:  Verizon Wireless is so good, that firefighters and police count on them for connectivity in the fiercest storms or the worst disasters.  Their free My Backup service provides Verizon customers with peace of mind, knowing that the contacts and data on their phones are archived for easy retrieval, in case their contacts are erased or their phone is lost or stolen.

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VistaQuest Portable Internet TV/Radio with 3.5"LCD Screen

Cool Factor:  The cool factor here is the fact that you can access Internet television and radio broadcasts outside of your area or around the world, without cable.  One of the worst parts of any local emergency is being unable to get news outside of your area.  It’s a horribly lonely feeling.  With the VistaQuest, as long as you have electricity and wireless service, you can get broadcasts from the outside world, giving you a broader look at the emergency you are facing.  It’s also great for checking on breaking news from other areas of the country or world where loved ones might be facing a disaster. 

Enjoy instant access to thousands of Internet TV and radio programs from around the world with this portable device--no computer required! The VQ-BiTV 510 utilizes WLAN security and WiFi search to pick up worldwide stations, anywhere or anytime, that you can enjoy via the 3.5" diagonal TFT LCD screen and built-in speakers.

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Cool Factor:  Not only is Zomm a digital leash for your cell phone, but if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, the poker chip sized ZOMM can call emergency assistance or your preprogrammed emergency contact, with one press of a button.

The Wireless Leash™ by ZOMM® will keep you from ever leaving your phone behind. It's the perfect way to keep your phone where it needs to be - with you.  It’s also a hands free speakerphone with one touch answering for those times when it isn't safe to talk on your phone.  As an added bonus, with the new myZOMM™ App, you can locate your keys using your phone and avoid those frantic and confusing situations.

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Car Tools  

BodyGard 2pc 5-in-1 Auto Emergency Tools

Cool Factor:  This car emergency tool attaches to your keychain or visor and can cut a seat belt, sound an alarm and even break your car window if necessary, in an emergency.

The BodyGard 5-in-1 emergency tool incorporates five specific devices: automatic glass breaker, seat belt cutter, sonic alarm, flashing red distress light, and bright-white LED flashlight. Designed to help drivers escape from their vehicles when the windows or doors fail to operate due to vehicle damage, fire or submersion, it is small enough to fit on a key chain or in a pocket. With all the security, peace of mind and life-saving potential it offers, BodyGard 5-in-1 emergency tool is essential for every driver.

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Cool Factor:  You just plug it into your car and it tells you exactly what is wrong with it in a matter of minutes.  It’s similar to the devices mechanics use and just as accurate.  This way you’ll know if you need service now, or if it’s not as critical and can get home safely before servicing your car.

CarMD uses the same sophisticated technology your mechanic uses, but was designed for everyone to use. It does not matter whether you know a lot about cars or don't have a clue.   With a simple scan of your vehicle you can, find out why your check engine light is on and know what needs to be fixed and what it should cost before seeing a mechanic

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Mighty Jump Car Starter

Cool Factor: You can jump start your car without getting out of your seat, or having to figure out where to place those cables. 

Just plug Mighty Jump into your car's power outlet, flip the switch, and in minutes you are on your way, without jumper cables or having to get out of the car in the dark, a storm or dangerous circumstances.

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Contacts and Social Media Tools

Circa Address Book

Cool Factor:  The Circa Address pages have perforated address squares for each contact, so any time one of your contacts changes his information, all you have to do is take that square out and replace it with a new one, without having to rewrite the entire page.

Keep all of your important contacts in one location with a handy address book from Levenger. The Circa refills enable you to add pages to your address book so you can continue to add contacts long after the book’s first set of pages are filled, and simply detach entries and change them when updating your address book. With Levenger’s Circa address book and Circa refills, your address book stays clean and current.

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Cool Factor: You can connect with family and friends via several different social platforms like Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn simultaneously by sending only one message, with Hootsuite.  Great for quick emergency messaging.

One of the top web-based multi-platform social networking tools.

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My Tweeple/Contaxio

Cool Factor:  My Tweeple has a function that lets Twitter users download the names and basic information on their followers so they can archive it, in case something goes wrong with their Twitter account.

My Tweeple allows Twitter users to add and delete followers, and perform other tasks with their Twitter accounts, quickly and easily.  

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Data Backup Tools

ClickFree Portable Hard Drive

Cool Factor:  ClickFree’s C6 portable hard drive, not only provides state of the art backup for your computer, but it can completely copy your entire computer, programs and all and restore it back to normal after a hard drive crash, just it was before the crash with One Touch Backup Clickfree C6 EASY Imaging, is a rugged portable hard drive, that automatically backs up your entire computer (Image Backup) including your photos and other personal files, software programs and Windows operating system - Just plug it in!

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Cool Factor:  The Dropbox App gives you password protected online storage for all of your documents and allows you to access them via any computer, smartphone or tablet.  This is great for things like your evacuation plan or contact lists, so you can access them and use them wherever you are, in an emergency. 

Dropbox is basically an online digital file cabinet.  It’s an application for iPhone/iPad or Android phones and tablets, giving users a quick way to save documents for use in another location.   You can access your files on any device via the app and keep them in sync on multiple PCs, Macs, tablets, iPads and smartphones. 

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Cool Factor:  It all started with a very simple idea: what if photos could just fly to where you want them to be? That’s how a memory card with antenna and magical superpowers was born.

The Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card goes beyond storing pictures and videos like a traditional SDHC memory card. Eye-Fi automatically transfers them from your camera to your computer, tablet, smartphone or favorite sharing websites through your Wi-Fi network.  Plus, its Endless Memory mode automatically frees up space after safely delivering your media for virtually limitless memory.

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JVC Everio 40X Optical Zoom/70X Dynamic Zoom HD Camcorder

Cool Factor:  The JVC Video Camera is amazingly good not just for capturing today’s memories but for archiving things like pictures of your home, your cars and your more valuable belongings for insurance purposes on your home inventory form.  It has a 40x optical zoom, which makes it easy to capture that your kid during a soccer game or an up close photo of her receiving her diploma even if you’re seated in the nosebleed section of the auditorium.

The Everio software uploads video directly to Facebook and YouTube and is enabled for Eye-Fi wireless memory cards.

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Kingston urDrive

Cool Factor:  The Kingston urDrive is a tiny flash drive with four GB that fits right on your keychain.  It comes with an Internet browser on the drive so you can use it to search the Internet, access files or anything that you have to do in an emergency, on someone else's computer and it has a safety mechanism built in that won't leave any browser history behind on their computer.

Kingston's DataTraveler 109 is a fashionable USB Flash drive available in seven colors that make it fun to connect and share photos, music, videos and more with friends and family. Its small, capless design easily attaches to a lanyard or key ring and comes preloaded with urDrive1 software that gives you a new and exciting way to look at your data.

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Kodak EasyShare Touch Camera (m5370)

Cool Factor:  This camera is wireless and actually will download your photos to your computer for you, when you get home from taking pictures, so you won’t have to remember to do it yourself.  It’s great for people who always forget they have pictures in the camera and end up having to delete some of them on the fly, so they can take more. 

It also has full HD video, and you can share photos directly to Facebook and Twitter or edit the photos you’ve taken, right in the camera. 16 megapixel 5x zoom point and shoot.

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Evacuation Tools

American Red Cross Axis Radio

Cool Factor:  The Axis is a flashlight, weatherband radio and can charge a cell phone or small electronic device by using an electrical plug, batteries or cranking it by hand. 

The versatile, self-powered American Red Cross Axis from Eton belongs in every home's emergency preparedness kit. Equipped with an LED flashlight, pulsing emergency beacon, AM/FM radio, and seven-channel NOAA weatherband, this veritable survival utility can be powered by hand crank, three AAA batteries, or via the included USB adapter – and can even charge a cell phone simply by using the hand crank.  For a smaller version try the The American Red Cross ARCPT200W Rover, also by Eton.

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Cool Factor:  CVS Pharmacies give you personalized attention and care whether you are at your neighborhood pharmacy or across the country.  Fill your prescription or visit a Minute Clinic at any store nationwide and they’ll have your history, your medication and your preferences at their fingertips, ensuring that you’ll get the best care possible.

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Disc Gear

Cool Factor:  Disc Gear is an amazingly compact hard shell case where you can store up to 22 CDs or DVDs.  They’re great for keeping your vital or treasured discs (like your photos and videos) safe while traveling. 

Disc Gear has a patented two-sided storage design that stores 11 discs on each side of the case.  The internal cloth pockets protect discs from dust and scratches.  Every once in a while Disc Gear cases will show up on QVC at a special price for a set of three cases.

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Ful Powerbag Sling Backpack w/Internal Charging System

Cool Factor:  Inside the front pocket of this slim sling backpack is a charger that will charge up to four small electronic devices simultaneously.  Just charge up the backpack and plug your devices in to charge while you’re out and about.  This is the perfect solution for your emergency bin.  The backpack stays charged for about 3 months, so you can grab it, toss in your phone, your tablet or whatever else you need and no matter whether your they’re charged or not when you leave, they will be when you arrive at your evacuation location!

Fashion meets function with this sling backpack charging system. It looks like an ordinary backpack, but inside are adapters to charge most USB devices, so you never have to lose power to your phone or MP3 player when you're on the go.

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Garmin Nuvi 2300LM 4.3 GPS

Cool Factor:  During the Joplin tornado, many lifelong Joplin residents couldn’t find their way around their own blocks because the tornado wiped away all of the street signs and landmarks.  With this Garmin Nuvi GPS, you don’t need landmarks to know where you are.  You can take the Nuvi right off the car mount and take it with you to lead the way while you walk.  Invaluable for evacuations or any time you have to find your way to safety or home, while away from your car. 

The Garmin Nuvi 2300LM also has lifetime maps, which means you will never have to pay to upgrade your system, and “Where Am I?” emergency locator.

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Sprigs Banjees™ wrist wallet

Cool Factor: A Reversible Wrist Pouches made of fleece that strap to your wrist like sweat bands.  They hold your ID, credit cards, keys and money and are perfect for all the times you need to run out of the house without your wallet or purse.

Banjees Original Wrist Wallets, are a one size fits all, reversible wrist wallet perfect for our outdoor and travel enthusiasts! Banjees will hold a combination of your important necessities on your next outing. So, when you are ready for your next run, just throw in your cash, credit card, ID, keys, or IPOD and go.

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Operation Blessing

Cool Factor:  The Operation Blessing team is at the site of every major disaster domestic and international, giving amazing assistance to victims while restoring cities, homes and lives.  It’s one of the most fiscally responsible disaster relief organizations in existence.  To help Operation Blessing with their work, go to:

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Power Stick/Power Trip

Cool Factor:  The PowerTrip, winner of the 2011 CES Innovation award, charges mobile devices such as a BlackBerry, cell phones, smart phones, iPhones/iPads, digital cameras and other small devices. 

At home or away, the PowerTrip will keep communication devices powered up, and important files close at hand. PowerTrip gives you an essential source of power 24/7.

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PowerBright Ultra-Slim 100-Watt Power Inverter 

Cool Factor:  Power Bright plugs into a car cigarette lighter or airplane DC port to power laptops, cell phone chargers and other small, electronic devices, while you’re on the go.

Stop running out of juice and kiss dead electronics batteries goodbye thanks to the PowerBright Ultra-Slim 100-Watt Power Inverter. Best of all, it's compact and lightweight enough to go anywhere with you in a pocket or bag. It even comes with its own carrying case to help protect it while traveling.

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Purse Organizer

Cool Factor:  This purse organizer is a freestanding insert for your purse, that holds all of your items, so that you can just transfer it from purse to purse, instead of moving all your stuff to a purse, every time you change bags.  It doubles as the perfect emergency bags, because you can put everything that you would need for an evacuation in one or two of the organizers and put them next to your emergency bin.  Then if you have to evacuate, just drop the organizers right into your bag and go. 

The Ready Set Go Bag Organizers and Microfiber Purse Organizers (by Lori Greiner) come in different colors and shapes and fit any larger purse. 

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Rubbermaid Cargo Organizer and Roughneck bins

Cool Factor:  Rubbermaid’s Cargo Organizer fits right in the trunk or back of your car and holds a huge amount of items – making it another perfect choice for sudden or seasonal evacuations.  Just toss the items you might need during an evacuation (like extra flashlights, eyeglasses, heavy socks, first aid kits) into the organizer and slide it into the back of your car before you leave.  It also has an insulated compartment to keep perishables cold.

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Cool Factor:  A small, flexible wallet you can strap to your shoes or belt, that secures credit cards, ID money and anything you need without carrying a wallet or a purse.  Great for runners, people who always run out to do errands and forget their ID, kids and seniors.

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Smartphone Wallets

Cool Factor: They’re little wallets that attach to the back of your smartphone that hold your ID, your emergency wallet card. a couple of credit cards, a little money and anything that you might need while running to the store for a few moments.  This way you’ll always have your emergency information with you, even if you don’t have your purse or wallet.

These smartphone wallets, which can house credit cards, money, and even a key, attach directly to your smartphone to keep your most important take-along items close. Magnifying glasses the size of a credit card are included for easy viewing. From Lori Greiner.

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Tide Loads of Hope

Cool Factor:  Tide Loads of Hope gives disaster victims a hand by providing something absolutely necessary yet unique to disaster relief – clean laundry!  The smiles on their client’s faces tell the whole story.   To find out how you can help this wonderful effort use the links below. 

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Tsunami Warning System

Cool Factor:  Tsunami Warning System on your mobile phone.  Turn your cell phone into a real-time Earthquake & Tsunami Warning System with the most advanced web based early warning system offering people peace of mind when traveling or living by coastal areas.

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Preservation Tools

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10

Cool Factor:  Easily color-corrects, crops and restores your old, faded and torn photos with very little learning curve.

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Epson Perfection Scanner V500 Photo

Cool Factor:  There is so much to love about this photo scanner that you’ll just have to try it for yourself.  It comes with the amazing Epson Easy Photo Fix software that actually color corrects your old photos, especially your old brown 70s and 80s photos as it scans them.

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Guard Your Id

Cool Factor:  It’s an ink stamp that completely blocks out information on your bills, envelopes, prescription drug bottles – anything that you would normally shred before throwing away.

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Home Inventory Organizer

Cool Factor:  Did you ever have trouble putting your documents and other items into a tiny safe deposit box?  Well this organizer was created to help you fit what you need, into your safe deposit box -- even small ones.  Just put your documents inside, and they’ll slide right in.

This unique, patent pending binder has been designed specifically for the smallest width, standard size, safe deposit box interior, which is the most commonly used.

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HP Envy All In One Printer/Scanner

Cool Factor:  Compact high quality photo/document scanner and printer.  Not only can you scan photos and documents and reprint multiple copies for safekeeping but you can send them directly to the cloud (like Dropbox) for storage, or email them to yourself via apps right on the wireless printer.   

Envy is a great all around printer for most families and will do most everything you need to scan your photos and documents perfectly.  If you have to scan a large amount of documents or have a lot of legal sized documents, you’ll be better off with the top of the line models, the HP Photosmart eStation (faxing and scan more documents at one time) and the OfficeJet Pro 8500A Plus (fax and scan larger documents).

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Cool Factor: Transfer videos, films, audio rolls and photos onto DVD to preserve old memories before they're lost or become so degraded that you can no longer watch them.  Can also back up your photos online and share with family and friends. Web service that restores and archives your videos, films (8mm and Super8) and photos.  They put the completed videos/films/photos onto DVD and onto your own online folder for sharing, viewing or archival.

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Kodak P811 Personal Photo Scanner

Cool Factor:  This little portable scanner not only expertly scans photos, but it has a special attachment that scans slides and negatives, turning them into full size, high quality photos.  No processing required!

You can scan photos and documents up to 8X10 into this wonderful scanner to save them as top quality images onto the SD card.  It also easily converts slides and negatives into digital photos.  Small and portable. 

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Lookout Phone Backup

Cool Factor:  The Lookout Mobile Security App protects and backs up the contacts on your smartphone.  You can access them online, or if you lose your phone, or if it crashes, you can simply transfer your contacts to your new phone.  Lookout Mobile Security can even help you locate a missing phone via an onscreen map or lock your phone if it’s lost or stolen.  It works with Androids, BlackBerries, and most other smartphones. 

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Cool Factor: MiCorder, by Olens Technology   Will record and digitize any cassette, vinyl album, eight track tape, or even voicemail message, from any device that has an earphone jack.  Saves the mp3 that it produces, directly to its own SD card or to your PC for archival. 

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Neat Desk

Cool Factor:  Archives business cards and receipts in seconds, up to twenty at a time.  The Neat Desk software actually reads business cards and receipts and stores them in a database on your computer, so that you’ll have a list of all of your business contacts without having to type them and all of your receipts, broken down by store or company, ready for tax time.  The accuracy is amazing! 

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Pandigital Wand Scanner

Cool Factor:  Completely portable, hand held scanner.  You can scan any photo, document – actually anything flat  -- by hand and save it to the onboard SD card.  You don’t even need a computer to scan or save your photos and documents, unless you want to save the scans onto your computer as an additional location for safekeeping.   It even scans things like writing on a white board, children’s art projects and photos still in their frames. 

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Cool Factor: Secures wine bottles to racks for bottle safety up to an 8.0 magnitude earthquake. The QuakeGuardian wine rack system keeps your wine collection safe from earthquakes or unexpected accidents? Simple, easy to install, and cost effective, this patented wine rack restraint system was developed to help keep your wine bottles from flying off your wine rack and breaking, or hurting family members, in the event of an earthquake.

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QuakeHold Museum Wax & Quake Straps

Cool Factor: QuakeHold Museum Wax is an award-winning product that secures antiques, collectibles, figurines and more from falling and breaking during earthquakes or after being jostled.  It can be used on most surfaces, including ceramics, porcelains and laminates, as well as on walls to help stabilize pictures.  Their QuakeHold Furniture Safety Straps are also incredible and are designed to strap heavy pieces of furniture like bookcases, TV stands and china closets to the wall.  Some are wood colored, to make them less noticeable. 

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Sentry Safe File Cabinets

Cool Factor:

SentrySafe’s file cabinets are fireproof, waterproof, and crushproof—capable of withstanding a 30-foot drop. The cabinets come with high-security locks designed to withstand picking and drilling.   The only downside is that they’re expensive.  But they are well worth it for businesses, or for people with large amounts of documents or keepsakes.

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Sony DVDirect Recorder

Cool Factor:  The Sony DVDirect Recorder is a small box with that converts VHS, camcorder tapes and DVR programs to DVD, with one touch, with or without a computer.  Great way to stop your old videos from degrading on your videocassettes, and get them onto a long lasting DVD for archival.

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Snapware Snap and Stack Plastic Storage Containers

Cool Factor:  Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Plastic Home Storage containers include three stackable trays that separate and keep items organized, and then snap together for portability.  We like them because you can put your emergency or evacuation supplies in each of the three containers, snap them together and put them with your emergency bin.  Then if you need to grab that stuff and go, you just pick it up by the handle and you have everything you need in separate, organized sections.

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