Here you'll find articles on subjects including: Keeping your Family and College Student safe in nearly any situation, Disaster Preparedness, Patient Safety, Enhancing Communication and Quick & Easy Next of Kin Notification.

Safe Family Articles

Can Facebook & Twitter Save Your Life?

Keeping Your Important Documents Safe During Disasters

Fast Track Your Family's Treatment in the Emergency Room

Your Cell Phone Can Save Your Life! Including How To Put An ICE Contact On Your Phone

Living In A State of Constant Communication

An Earthquake, A Wildfire and An Explosion


NOK Notification, Patient Safety & Communication

Pediatric Emergency Contact Notifications Made Easier

Facilitating Patient Communication

How To Deal With Patients Who Are John Does or Homeless

Web Therapy - Enhancing Patient Communication with Web Access

Medicare Deadline Spurs Hospitals to Prevent Pressure Ulcers

Increasing Patient Safety in Seven Steps



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Where you'll find videos on subjects including Hurricane, Tornado and Evacuation planning and preparation and this one, Leeza Gibbons speaking on behalf of our Next of Kin Law.


Safe College Student Articles From Stuf Productions

Emergency Contact Cards - Do They Really Protect College Students When Emergency Strikes?

Keeping College Students Safe in a Changing World

Easy Ways to Protect Your Family Before a Disaster Strikes

How To Keep The Latest Generation Safe At College

How To Stay In Touch With Your College Student During University Emergencies

You Have 5 Minutes to Evacuate!  Surviving the Unexpected

Surviving College Articles by Brendon Burchard

Six Ways to Change by Summer

Back-to-School Guide

Go Back to School with Guts

10 Keys to Success at School

Returning to College

Six Strategies for Students

Preparing for College





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