Don't Lose All Your Stuff At College! - Bonus Edition

Most parents assume college is just an offshoot of high school. 

They think the moment their college student so much as trips and breaks a wrist heíll be whisked off to the office, where his parents will be called, his emergency medical card will be pulled from the file, and will accompany him, along with a faculty member, to the nearest emergency room for immediate treatment.  


Unfortunately nothing could be further than the truth.  


To be honest, we thought the same thing.   In fact, the more universities that we talked to, about how they handle student medical emergencies Ė gather and use medical histories, emergency contact cards and deal with mass casualty situations, the more alarming it became.  Here are a few statistics...


Each year in the U.S.:

  • 99,000 college students are injured

  • 1,700 college students die from alcohol-related emergencies and 30,000+ need emergency care.

  • 696,000+ college students are assaulted

  • 97,000+ college students are sexually abused

You know that feeling you just got in the pit of your stomach?  Thatís the reason we created Don't Lose All Your Stuff At College!


In one afternoon, youíll be ready.  The bonus edition contains not one, but two books, the Don't Lose All Your Stuff At College Parent and Student Editions, so you and your student will have what you need, to be safe and to stay safe.  In case your student needs to get  his or her information together very quickly -- and doesn't have time to ready the whole book, we've also included the new Quick Start Guide.  


You'll receive complete, comprehensive Grab it and Go Forms to detail your student's full dorm inventory, emergency contacts and medical history, and all the financial and vital information they could ever need right at their fingertips, 24/7.  


Itís quick, itís easy and you can be up and running in one afternoon!


  • Figure out what your student will need

  • Locate all that information and those documents

  • Fill-in Grab it and Go Forms and Wallet Cards 

  • Format and secure your student's vital documents

  • Formulate his/her emergency plan

  • Fast track his/her emergency treatment

  • Ensure that your student can grab what he needs and go Ė within minutes!

  • Having the information your student would need, at his fingertips, to cancel or replace credit and debit cards, memberships

  • Having your vital documents like insurance information, ID numbers and deeds the instant you need them

  • The ability to replace valuables like laptops and stereo equipment quickly and easily after loss, because youíll have the warranty and insurance information you need to do it.

  • Keep your family together and in constant contact during natural or man-made disasters

  • If you'd like, you'll also receive our monthly e-newsletter absolutely free.

What Is Included In the Bonus Edition?

  • Don't Lose All Your Stuff At College Parent Edition

  • Don't Lose All Your Stuff At College Student Edition

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Comprehensive Grab It and Go Forms to capture your student's emergency contacts, medical history and insurance information.

  • A complete Dorm Inventory

  • Get Back to Life Plan, in case of campus or regional disaster or emergency

  • A complete inventory of all of your student's financial information

  • Printable Grab It and Go Wallet Cards

  • Back to School Dorm Checklist



$5.95 Don't Lose All Your Stuff At College Digital Edition Instant Download, from our publisher, Lulu.

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Don't Lose All Your Stuff At College - Digital Edition by Laura & Janet Greenwald   $5.95

This Instant ZIP File Download includes everything featured above.





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