Don't Lose All Your Stuff In A Hurricane!  (or a tornado, earthquake or other disaster)


If a hurricane, tornado, wildfire, earthquake, or medical emergency struck right now, would you be ready?  If you're like most people, the answer is NO!

We discovered just how important being ready is, on a day that started like any other…  

I was a stay at home mom, and had just finished a load of laundry, before starting dinner.  As I reached for a dish, the house shuttered. Something had hit the roof -- hard. 

A moment later there was an enormous roar, followed by a shock wave.  The kitchen chairs flew across the room, things cascaded out of the cabinets.  I ran to the living room window and pulled back the curtains.    All I could see was orange – everything was orange.  I closed the curtains and opened them again thinking I had to be imagining this. 


But I wasn’t.   As I stared out the window I realized that the orange was actually a ball of fire surrounding what remained of a 737, lying broken, smoke billowing, two houses away from where I stood.  The houses under the airplane were nothing more than rubble.


Adrenaline took over. 


We’d need clothes – at least one night and one day’s worth for my daughter, husband and mother who lived with us.  We’d need cash – whatever we had in the house, ID, pictures -- at least a few, credit card…


By this time I was running room to room dumping everything on the couch. There was a knock at the door. 


“We have to evacuate the entire neighborhood”, said a firefighter in full gear.  “Take everything you need for the next two or three days.”    


“You have 10 minutes.”

What if that firefighter was knocking on your door?   Can you evacuate your home in 10 minutes with everything YOU need?  Or let’s say that the disaster is a smaller one.  Your spouse or one of your children is suddenly taken to the emergency room unconscious after an accident.  Would the doctors treating him or her have the medical history that they need?  Would they know that they’re allergic to penicillin or that they had a serious illness last year?  Would the hospital treating them know to call you?


What about your vital documents?  Could you find your bank account number, your homeowner’s policy and your birth certificate, if you suddenly had five minutes to evacuate? 


You know that feeling you just got in the pit of your stomach?  That’s the reason we created Ready In 10.


As human beings, as much as we know we should be prepared, we’re just not hard-wired to be disaster-oriented.  If that’s all we thought about, we’d never make it through the day – at least not without living under the bed!   The good news is, being prepared doesn’t mean we have to be disaster-oriented.  Just the opposite!  It means that by taking one afternoon to prepare now, we can relax knowing that if a disaster or medical emergency ever strikes, you’ll:


Know what to do

Know what to take

Know where everything is

Know that you’ve done everything possible not just to survive, but to thrive


And isn’t that the point?  Having lived through a neighborhood plane crash, a tornado and a few medical emergencies, we can definitely tell you, that it is! 


The last few years, more than any other, our nation and our world has faced more than its share of natural and man-made disasters.  The only good thing about that is, we can use the lessons learned during Hurricane Katrina or floods, tornadoes and tsunamis to make sure our own families are prepared. 


We’re not only talking about disasters.  Think about it for a moment.  If someone is in a car accident on the way home from work, and is brought into the emergency room unconscious, the doctors caring for him are looking at a blank slate.  They have no information about their patient, besides obvious injuries.  Doctors can put together about 75% of a patient’s background by examining him.  But what about that other 25%?  What if that 25% is the difference between life and death? 


When it comes to you and your family, it’s up to you to fill in that missing piece BEFORE an emergency strikes.  And that’s what Ready In 10 is all about.  With the Workbook you’ll be able to download the guide and tools, that you can fill in directly on your computer or print out and fill in by hand. 


As you create your family’s action plan you will:

  • Learn exactly what vital information and documents you need for each member of the family

  • Fill in Grab it and Go Forms to capture the medical, financial and vital information, and keep it in one securable location.

  • Learn how to format and secure that vital information for quick retrieval whenever you need it. 

  • Formulate your family’s emergency plan and customized wallet cards for safety on the go

  • Discover how to fast track your family’s emergency treatment

  • Keep your family together and in constant contact during natural or man-made disasters.

Our family survived the plane crashing on our block  that day.  Those across the street, did not.  We were and continue to be very blessed.  But those 10 minutes to grab whatever I could were some of the most stressful, most difficult I’ve ever experienced. 


We’re here to tell you, that it doesn’t have to be that way.  With Ready In 10 and a little time out of your schedule, the next time a medical or financial emergency strikes – or  if a firefighter or police officer knocks on your door and gives you 10 minutes to evacuate – you’ll be able to grab everything you need, and go.






The Ready In 10 System by Laura & Janet Greenwald   $19.95

This 62 pg. Workbook & System includes :

  • Grab it and Go Forms. Wallet Cards, Emergency Action Plan, Home Inventory and Get Back To Life Plan right in the book, so you can fill them in and toss them into your emergency bin for safekeeping and easy access.  
  • The Quick Start Guide
  • "Don't Lose All Your Stuff In A Hurricane" ($19.99 value) & Turn Your iPhone into a Mobile Command Center, 
  • A link to an electronic version of Grab it and Go Forms and Wallet Cards for each member of your family PLUS your Emergency Action Plan, Home Inventory and Get Back To Life Plan, so you can save your plans and information to your hard drive, flash drive, or have them available remotely for easy access in any emergency.

Purchase The Ready In 10 System Print Edition for $19.95   

NOTE: When you receive your book, in the first few pages, you'll find a link where you can go and immediately download all of the forms, plans and extras that come free with this book.



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